kalagnanam is the book of prophecies from South India written by many saints. వివరణ సేకరణ: Sri Pavuloori Srinivasachari's book A small part of Kalagnanam is available in Brahmamgari Matham at Kandimallayapalle, Siddhayyagari. Kalagnanam is a Telugu cum Sanskrit language word, which means "Knowledge of Times". A large volume of the predictions made by Veera Brahmendra Swamy are said to be kept under the banyan tree of Banaganapalle village of Kurnool.

Brahmam Gari Kalagnanam Book

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Brahmam gari kalagnanam book in telugu pdf downloadbrahmam gaari matam in Kurnool district is an pilgrimage centre in Andhra Pradesh. I'm writing some of his predictions just to give a slight idea. You can read Kalagnanam to find more. Due to inclination towards excess food and. This book is an english translation of prophecies by the great sage Shri Veera Brahmam Garu born in the mighty Land of Rayala Seema. It contains Quartets, A.

He was born in the historical region of Rayalaseema where the mighty King Shri Krishna devaraya ruled, credited with bringing one of the golden reigns in India. These prophecies were written long before years. Some claim them to be years old. The Predictions have been showing the truth in the past and present too. I have translated his poems from Telugu , the language he has written them , as they are to English.

Readers are to note that the poems in quartets are written in a poetic form. The real meaning has to be understood , Just like the prophecies of Nostradamus.

Well they wanted us to work a bit, to get the knowledge probably! Many historical and mythical characters names have been used in the poems. They all, mostly have said the same thing.

Just as in every religion ,in Hinduism also the books say of God taking birth again and protecting them , ruling the world. He is called Kaliki by the Hindus. There is only one God coming, and we all will know him, if he is about to rule! There are poems about Kalki avatar too.


It dedicate this small effort of mine to the Sage himself Shree Veera Brahmam garu without whose contribution we wouldnt, definitely read this. I owe my thanks to all the great writers , good men from all around the world by reading their works , learning about them, I have been able to keep an open mind and think ok..

I completed this work with all my best efforts and would say it needs more inputs, refinement. I have made my derivation of the date, when big the change is supposed to happen , from the different poems , statements spread throughout.

Please go through it. I think its the right date by my calculations and the experiences I have had. All the Best. The Astrological system used by him is considered to be the Telugu and Karnatik Chandramana Panchangam, used in southern india. The Panchangam or Panchang is the Alamanac. Readers need to know that a Sauramana or Solar calendar too is used in India, which is based on the movements of the sun.

The Chandramana Alamanc has sixty years ,these sixty years have their names and these continue in a cyclical series repeating. Once the series of sixty years is completed, the years start from the first year prabhava in a cycle. The years are called samvatsaras or vatsaras and the months are Masas.

Typically the Chandramana year starts in March of the Gregorian calendar ie.. The following are the names of Telugu years with their corresponding years as per the Gregorian calender.

Sarvajeeth Sarvadhri Virodhi Vikrita Khara Nandana Vijaya Jaya Manmadha Pramdicha 34 Rkshasa Anala Pingala Klayukthi Siddhrthi Raudra Durmathi Dundubhi 35 36 Statement from a poem It will be amavasya , but there will a full moon.

Sage Shri Nammalavarus birthday 40th day of Kali pravesh ie on the 40th day of Kaliyuga in BC so the present year is: Sun and the moon will lose positions and the earth will twirl around like an earthen pot in making. The first prabhava nama samvatsara was In kaliyuga, within five thousand years Kaliki rupa would come down referring to the birth that implies He probably is already Here!!! On Eshwara vatsara,Magha shuddhadashami Rohini indu weekday To his hand over, the countries Would be written over.

With the start of Margashira Shuddha navami Many strange things will spread Within Margashira shudddha purnami The ladys earths burdens will be finished Margashira shudddha purnami -- ninth month, December or January mostly , ending in the first week of January , pournami- Eg december 10th for Time will fruit to people in future In Karthika masa , they would have Balachandras shine will not be visible The suns glow will be low.

Before the lord Veera Vasantha comes The catastrophies would take their toll statement connecting with happening on amavasya , referred in earlier statement. When Jupiter enters Pisces Bhanuteja will be seated in the city talks about the lord taking the throne. On amavasya thunder will strike and the stars will fall , A six month old will start to sing. Patala ganga will touch the goddes's kanaka durgas Nose ring. Seven seas and the rivers will dry water in the human bodies will dry.

Kalagnanam Book Telugu Total

Sun and the moon will loose positions and the earth will twirl around like an earthern pot in making , great cities will have floods. In America because of earthquake the kings palace will be destroyed Washington DC?? In kasi ganga will flood ,in the triveni sangamam also this will happen. In Turkey tornadoes will sweep the whole country. In a country from a banyan tree a powerful man with 2 horns will come out, travel all the country and order the people to pray to him the anti Christ or devil In the southern counrty a digambara ,powerful will come from a tamarind tree.

From a mecca masjid a pig or Boar will come ,the people will fight among each other ,the fightinng will increase and lakhs will die throughout the country.

In Govindapuram a man will born to a cow near golconda. Demons will come from the sky and terrorize people , Vinukonda will become a place for happening odd strange things. The kshatriya clan will be destroyed An Orange coloured line will be present in the sky, and. On amavasya moon will rise ,The humans will walk 1 step as 7 steps ,shreeshailam temple will be destroyed , In Nandikonda caves ugly looking men come out.

In Markapuram a golden ox will come out.

Karthika bahula dwadasa day a four faced star will be born on the north, shine for 25 days and that indicates a famine for Karnataka Haleys comet Seasons will be abrupt, Demon Planets effects will grow and gods magic will reduce. The people will be shorter and shorter. The Kumbhakonam temple will crash , near kanchi to its western side kamdhenu will be born , In kambham lake gold will be removed and brought to Kandimallayapalle , Kalahasti will loose all its sheen and the gods will move to kandimallayapalli , Kamakshi mothers eyes will flow with water.

Madhurameenakshi goddess will talk to some people , Addanki Nancharamma will talk to all , Mahanandis lower area will be full with mahima. Ahobilam temple will have flowers decorating it for some time. Shreeshailam mountains will have fire spewing ,huge force will come out , Jalapralayam will happen from shreeshailam. Bilam, Kamakshamma will spit blood , Northernside of Shreeshailam will be destroyed by boulders.

Shreeshaila Bhramarambha devis temple will have a crocodile with two heads which disappear after 3 days.

Villages will have forces, will make great sounds and the hearers will be dead. The roads to tirupati will be stopped and blood will cover the earth. The goddess of vijayawada will go to Banaganupalle. In bhibatsam will happen and the rich will become poor, thieves will abortion women the present scenario of duplicate doctors, abortioning women for money.

Shree shailam mountains will spit fire. Two golden swans will go along villages and the cities , the people who try to catch them will loose sight, flowers will fall on the eyes ,strange sounds will come from the mountains.

In lingapuram a force will be born, seeing her dance some will fall for her ,and follow and die In patalaganga the green rock which is Chandragupta the king will get freedom from his bane after being touched by the feet of shri Veerabhoga vasantha raya. Oceans will floood , women will sing lullabies in the water.

Women will have increased ages and the mens ages will decrease. A Goat will give birth to a five headed bull , Jaggery will become sour , sweets will become infested with worms. Brass will be sold as gold Gold mixed with brass is being sold today as gold in many countries.

Kalagnanam Book Telugu Total

Krishna Godavari districts will be in deaths of man and cattle its done. In broad daylight stars will be visible. Laws of nature will become upside down. Swords will play in the northern country. Earthquakes will come and the sound of omkara will be heard. Poisnous gases will kill people, children to old people all will suffer ,heads will crack and cancer will make people suffer.

Tirupati mountain will be taken by other relegions vinayaka will move in the streets and teach vedas,make people read vedas. Panchamajati will carry panchangams and vedas and teach people. Brahmins will serve the pople of the others races. Forces will move in the streets , diseases will spread and doctors will be troubled to cure them.

Houses will sink and the boulders will float. Men will be destroyed in the malayala country. In the dhatanama samavatsara the earth will have kshoba.. Black dresses will be sold expensively.

The left shoulder of Venkateshwara swamy will shudder. Kalahastis guards will fight among themselves and for 12 days the Godavari river will dry up , after that it will flood and villages and the cities will dry up. To karnataka kali will be sent ,to Mohammedan land Dukki will be sent , for Aravaland the sun and the moon will be sent. Black cloud of poisnous gases will be there and the heads will crack. Basaweshwara will have water in his eyes. In the cities, the goddess of money will cry and there will be no value for money.

Higher incidences of kama, krodha ,and other vices. In khsatriyas mudiraj ,in komats Bheerikomat ,telugu shudras will survive. Sidhapuram temple bell will water ,Alampuram Jagadamba statue will cry ,her breasts will give milk ,the mountain peak will be wrapped by a serpent.

It will stay there for 3 days. In Addanki a poor shepherds son will tell prophecies ,men will move without moustaches , konaseema will have sexual diseases and extremity will happen. Pramodha nama samvatsara people will die of vomitting and motions. Madhura ,Tanjore will be destoyed. Mahanandi peak will fall down.

The places Hampi and Virupaksha will have rain of fire as such between them. Govadha will happen in Kumbhakonam. Citys , villages will remain the ratio of 1: In mysore Chamundeshwari devi will dance , the music will increase ,bad people will become leaders , lower castes will come into ruling , men, women will drink wines and the liquor will flow like water.

After some time earths wars will stop. In Penugonda force with 16 hands will rise , in the north swords will dance , and lakhs will die in the floods brought by water. Kottappa mountain will have a crane speaking. Purukonda Anjaneya swamy will grow higher and higher.

Madhura meenakshi goddess will speak to people. Warangal have a treasure ,Cuttack will have huge welath. Kolhapuram will have wealth coming out of 72 crores. Atmakuru will be destroyed, Madukuru will go into the ground. In the northern part of Tirupathi , Chana tinnala will have ganga flowing in. In vrishchika Rashi the guru will come and rain will come and people will be happier, chitrakutam will be destroyed.

Conflicts will happen internationally youngsters will not have any strength. Margha shira -ashtami-suddhasuvarna rupaana, I will be born ,karthika shukla purnami all the evil people will be killed by khara nama samvatsaram.

The sky will have rains of fire and to stop it there will be a rain of blood. Mens strength will be gone , womens strength will be highest , Parushaveedhi in the himalayas will come to Banaganupalle , nine planets will change their routes , seasons will be totally different. The fertility of the land will increase ,agriculture will increase , Giver of betel nuts will get a handful of rice in return. Palanatiseema will have Bhadrakali who will grind and chew arrogant people.

A dhoomaketu comet or metor will be born on the Tirupati mountain. It will go to bath in the pathalam lower earth. North and southern countrys will have thunder and shaking and the sun and the moonlight will be one. In banglore a picture will be formed and the airports and the industries will stop functioning Geo-magnetic affect or pole shift effect On Jyestha vidhiya day when the rains fall Four metered giant men will come out.

Nandikonda will have horses ,Ugly men who will come the Suryamandal will resonate with the sound of Omkaram. When shaivites and vaishnavites fight among each other and go to patalaganga to know its origins and authority of gods over it , the patalaganga will overflow and touch the goddess kanaka durgas nose ring and overflow ,the earth will turn upside down.

Garimareddy achammas lineage will cease to exist and her livestock of cows will dwindle. Kasi will have a great devotees , Jitendreyas the ones who have won over the five senses will give their lives to a small sword.

A four handed ,3 legged 1 horned kid will born in chennapatnam Chennai , he will announce the coming of veerabhoga vasantaraya, with soldiers from Kolhapuram ,to establish dharmasansthapan and dies on the 23rd day.

In the Ananda nama samvatsaram Shreeshailas God will go to the Vindhyas. After that his kind will rule the pople for years. A Comet will be born, its information East its head,to the west Its tail, head the carts wheel size Its width would be as a star. Twenty metred length, this way it is To the eyes of the humans For 33 days it would be Unknown things will be known in the time. When Saturn enters Capricorn, Good things happen to some. The guilty ones would become dust The comet will be born in sky.

In the future in the corner of repalle To a Toddy tree eetha chettu they would pray. On the mountain tops catastrophes will be born Mother Parvathi will smile On Ashwayuja masa Krishnapaksha Panchanga alamanac will not be present seventh month ,28th septenber to 26 october- or In vasudha during Bahudhanyavatsara Many disasters would happen The guilty would have worries The egotists would die. To onions would preach, Such preachers there would be, in kaliyuga The fake preachers to kick, lord of death would come The guileless ones would be seen with pity.

The killers messengers would come Between dung ,dead ones would be on land, Suffer would vomit and die. In Seven hundred crored earth The husk will be removed ,the strength remains, Of seven,one village will be alone One Parted ones will be few.

The widows will become married again Such a time you will see.

The lying , bad people Would fall as ripe leaves. On Eshwara vatsara,Magha shuddhadashami Rohini indu weekday To his hand over, the countries Would be written over year. In the pathways of the sky, the demonic sents Shouting, they would jump Miffed the humans,would loose minds and die Shamanas messengers would come. In the sky,before four stars Shining stars will be born The shining stars lookers With fear they would shudder and die Aerial Vehicles??

Kakutilga town, karamu easily By fire will be burnt Fumes ,coal falling on the town Seven villages will burn along with them. In America ,Maylore town, shepherds family A child ,part white, black faced will be born Half hair will be white , half would be black Like a statue the eyes would be white. Healthy would he be, wise he would be American country people will keep him and rule All the race people will see him Some idiots would say its not true, some would believe.


A great tornadoe, will be born in Tekra country between a great river due to wind twelve villages, Thousand homes will be crashed. Sixty metered bank will have the boats due to the wind The boats will shake Vurivulta villages houses will be destroyed by them. To unstoppable it would come, The sky would become red The people of Ra-Ra city will beautifully give , good Kingdom to him. Once Jupiter enters scorpio All the countries will build bridges Comfortably , beautifully the rains will fall On the earth, crops will grow.

With the start of Margashira Shuddha navami Many strange things will spread Within Margashira shudddha purnami The ladys earths burdens will be finished Margashira shudddha purnami -- ninth month, December or January mostly , ending in the first week of January , pournami- december 10th for Once the good people would come There will be a great , unbelievable war From the skies eagles will play , With company of their wives , worthy rulers will come.

Time will fruit to people in future In Karthika masa , they would have Balachandras shine will not be visible The suns glow will be low Karthika masa -- 27th October th November Balachandra- refers to the new moon. After a year and half a month Seven weeks will become one Seven seven , fourteen worlds Single handedly will he be ruling. Between races there will be many feuds The people will suffer a lot On the banks of Penna , Chennur Will bear the floods.

The Poems Lord venkatesha would be in a high The obeisances will reach him In kadapa at kamalapuram A toad will sound as a hen. Between races there will be many feuds The people will suffer a lot On the banks of Penna , chennur Will bear the floods. From east a poisonous gas will blow The extreme behavers will die The cunning, brutes to murder Kaliki avatar would come. To rule bharat lands Foreighners would come For six years in one way Mother would rule the earth.

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Middle eastern , british rule in India. In the universe vishwanatha avadhuta agu One Vishwa Brahmin would be born. In Universe living permanently. Lord vishwanatha he is ,would he say. At five thousand four years Avaneendra Would set as the sunset From five thousand forty eight There will be many wars from year Heavily in Ananda vatsara Nagu malle a kind of flower will be destroyed Just as the flower, humans Would die , such a time is in the future.

After Five thousand in all kingdoms Many problems will be faced. In the northern country in Vaishya caste A noble Gandhaka will be born Gandhi with affection all countrys people will do respects to him. The whole tribal kingdom would be in a feud One tribal leader with anger To Kuvalayapathi would cause many problems Disappear in the earth. To Palnati seema,one traveler would come , Palnatis money would he rob. The Palnati people , raw grass as goats would they eat.

On Five thousand twelve Avaneendra would go to the sky. In saidapeta the sahibs all, In a war, would finish.

Avaneendra the king. In Addanki lands, in poor yadavas house One As Buddha, would be born. To two people many futures, At five he would say. Employees, Yogis would hide in price, Crooked employees, the bhogis spendthrifts will be more. A moustache less man would come to the country, To the great ,magical mountains would he put flags mountaineer Edmund Hillary ,Tensing Norgay flagging mount everest.

To human land Maremma would come , Would gulp humans later. Feuds would be born in konaseema, Sukha sanni rodhalu would finish.

To Akki desha Arka somula , To the eight directions would be sent. The high talkin people , Akkachhiwill be sent and bent. In Dhanuja nama vatsara Due to vomiting would die , The ones of Huna ancestry would go, some would measure the earth and distances.

Mothers and children would fight , Suffering days will come. Not a lie but true, before the earth I say crows would kick and take away the eagle. Madhura ,Tanjavuru will be different Mahanandis mountain top would break. Between Hampi and Virupakshi , There will be rains of fire.

With damage there will be 14 villages Earth would shudder, villages would shake. At four thousand eight hundred and thirty Kaliyugas ending would happen In Kali , the white faced ones will be lords Intelligently they will rule the British Rule in India. On iron water, aerial vehicles All races together in that , Would forget their traits ,competing Would go to their destinations.

East and west by wooden poles The trains would go. The whole eastern side the sayers of Servers of sri Rangeshwara would come. In five thousand thirty eight ,the king Leaving earth ,to the sky he would go.

Health ,wealth going down The time would come to the people. Blurred and lost in magic , they would fight. Blurred they would walk a lot The adamant ones would get destroyed The good ones will be left living. At Kumbhakonam there will be cow slaughter Kollapuram will be looted Kambham lake will have lotus flowers Kandukooru will spoiled.

Shankaracharyas, shri Vyasas words will come to walk permanently. In front of Shankara , Vidyaranyas Words will become true. In Adaveni a toad has, cocks soumd All hearing would he make it , On earth at Tadiparthi A goat will take the form of a human. From Mysore, Maremma would come The worldy propagandists would be eaten. The followers without interest, patience Would praise the guru. In vasudha the crops would dry Shri yutas religion would come equally The truthful ones some would be there.

In Kandukuru a female would become a man, The ceremonial cock will wake up late Doubtless that the samagana with ears everyone would hear.

Unmoving to six months he would stay In all the worlds Kalgnana would be known and read The sayers of no god Would fall as leaves. After appearing for some years Truthfully shining, The ones not talking would, talk Would feel as if coals were beneath them. The atmaramulu would give golden bracelet The forever living ones would tie Then the devotees would gift him Unstopping the gifts would be. Eight blocks and nine edges Having the sudharshana weliding the sword veeravasntha killing the guilty he would come.

On Penugonda, in future The clarion call will be heard The sixteen handed kamini Will roam on gandikota. In the panchana caste will be famous having the eye of mother parvathi eye of knowledge holding the Pashupathasthra You will reach the mountain eye of mother parvathi eye of knowledge.

In the northern country the people Will hunt with swords These arent just words, rivers and lakes will overflow All the villages will be flooded In bhagavata, sukha yogis words The future prophecies will be true. Vinukonda durgamma will leave the place Will move on the streets At Kankagiri there will be fights Kambhoja devi will be born. Due to hemadri, Rajathadris arguement Ramadharmaja will come Hemadris goodness will be measured On hema peetham they will reach.

With love along Veera vasantha The elders would come Soma siddhanta will rule beautifully There will be goodness and goodness. Keshavas marriage would be greatly made Pearls would be used as blessings In Keshavas hands would be placed, the countries Written on his name.

In Makara kumbha months The announcement would be there Announced, told many times over People wouldnt have the fortune. In Udayagiris corner, under a banyan tree will be born The holy ones would go to see it The unholy ones, it would catch and gulp.

Between Hampi , Virupakshi There will be rains of fire With effect fourteen villages will burn The earth would shudder, villages tremble. After revathi, kanyaka three crore Celestial godly, ladies hurriedly would come Welcomed they would be, by Ramadharmaja swamy Protected, sanctuary they would be given. Hanumatha raya , the liver of Hampi Shout would he , to the streets In accordance the Mahanandi base all Would fall as leaves. In Oruganti, Prataparudra Becoming a hero,would give a big call As the shout, the bad ones Would fall as leaves.

The people of shri Rangapattanam would get difficulties Quickly the Brahmas would come The wrongdoers heads would be ripped off The dharma abiders will be saved. Shri Ramadharmaja to carry on create Would come as shrungaramurti Huge damages, casuslities gone Bad qualities bent. Wearing they would walk in front Shining Veeravasantha would come Requesting the karmis would ask.

Four thousand nine hundred seventy eight Years on would be known Shining , in bhargas vatsara Veerayogi the moon he would give. In kaliyuga, within five thousand years Kalki rupa would come down Ruling all the worlds,four yugas sadharmas he would implement. Shreeshailanatha appearing With his devotees he would talk Shreesha ,Veeravsantha will come The blue necked one would say. His prophecies are in poetic way called 'Dwipada'. The whole part of prophecies said by many saints from South India is included in the kalagnanam book which was published by Brahmamgarimatam.

The most part of Kalagnanam alias prophecies collection, describes about the coming King-cum-Avatar, Veera Bhoga Vasanta Rayalu and his acts. About 70 percent of prophecies speak of him, while the other part describes the events to be happened mainly in South India. Telegu language version of Kalagnanam.

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A direct Disciple of Lord Parasurama and Acharya Nagarjuna, Sri Sanaari Visweswara and other Sidhdha Purushas probably Aghori sect , with his Alchemy will clear the debts of the Country and save from financial difficulties, and later link all the rivers and save from severe drought.

Saying to yellamma and mallamma Drink and meat placed , they would offer and pray The fake prayers offered to fake gods Without a stand , name they would be. They are in the oral tradition. He was born in the historical region of Rayalaseema where the mighty King Shri Krishna devaraya ruled, credited with bringing one of the golden reigns in India. Shree shailam mountains will spit fire.