Projapoti by Samaresh Basu is a popular novel which is written by Download Samaresh Basu Bengali Books, Novels, stories in pdf format. Bengali Asterix Comics Download Asterix O Goth Dasyyu [Link 2] Download Asterix O Sonar Kaste Download Asterix O Roman Soinik Download G Oitihasik . Prajapati(প্রজাপতি), a novel by Bengali author Samaresh Basu caused sensation with its The 11th edition of Projapoti states that the first edition had printed copies but from the .. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version.

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All books of Samaresh Basu - free download or read online. Bangla E-books Free Download:Download pdf ebooks all types. Free Download Download or read online Projapoti by Samaresh Basu free. More popular. Projapoti by Samaresh Basu · Amrito Kumbher Sondhane by Samaresh Basu · Arab Sagorer Jol Lona by Samaresh Basu · Bibor by Samaresh.

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After having chatted with Shikha for some time, he leaves for home.

He wonders about the peaceful life of Nirapadababu and dreams of having a wife like Nirapadababu's. He plans of marrying Shikha and living peacefully like Nirapadababu. As he thinks of living a simple life with Shikha as his wife, he stops by to meet Mr. Chopra and get himself a job. But Chopra refuses him as he known that Suhken is a hooligan and the local mischief.

Perturbed, Suhken wonders who are the simple and good boys? Suddenly he feels that strange pain close to his shoulder. In the evening, he woke up and found Shutka close to him. He goes to Shikha's house again as he had promised to go there in the evening.

Samaresh Majumdar

At last, he comes back home at night and takes a bath and sleeps without having food. The next day there is a strike.

He goes out in the evening and fells in midst of two processions. He gets severely injured in a bomb explosion and is admitted in a hospital. One of his arms had been blown off and he finally succumbs to the injury.

Charge[ edit ] On 2 February a young Bengali advocate Amal Mitra complained in the court of Chief Presidency Magistrate at Calcutta that Prajapati, a novel by Samaresh Basu "contains matters which are obscene and both the accused persons have sold, distributed, printed and exhibited the same which has the tendency to corrupt the morals of those in whose hands the said Sarodiya Desh may fall.

All the three said that Prajapati was an entirely obscene novel and showed concern that it would harm moral character of young generation. Samaresh Basu turned up on 6 July at the Bankshal Court.

He was asked to pay a fine of rupees one thousand. Karunashankar Ray, barrister S.

Projapoti by Samaresh Basu

On 9 November, Sitangshu Kumar Dasgupta turned up at the court. Samaresh Basu presented his indictment before court on 16 November. In his piece, he refuted the charges made against Prajapati Budhyadeb Basu, a well known literary figure of Bengali literature and formerly Chairman of Comparative Literature Society of Jadavpur University , attended the Court on 16h November to give witness for Prajapati.

In his speech he repeatedly emphasised that this novel has projected some characters which are essentially part of our contemporary society. He also quoted some passages from the scriptures in defence of Prajapati.

He said that the scriptures also described the theme of sexuality openly. But he was argued with the lawyers of the opposition that such scriptures were protected by special law!

Budhadev Basu's main argument was that sometimes in great literature the flickering of vulgarity could be seen but it did not necessarily mean obscenity. This vulgarity became subdued because of the merit of literature and art.

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Naresh Guha, the then Head of the Department of Comparative Literature of Jadavpur University, attended the court on 18 November and gave witness for Prajapati and reaffirmed it was a work entirely free from obscenity. He also confirmed that this novel could by no means be harmful for the young.

The main charge was made against the passages where Shukhen describes Shikha's body features; also the event of a picnic where Jina meets Sukhen beside a sugarcane field was regarded as obscene and underlined in red by Amal Mitra.

Two other episodes that were termed obscene were i one between Sukhen and Manjari and the other ii between Purnendu and the maidservant's daughter were also held to be obscene. Prajapati was convicted as an obscene work. Basu and Mr. From through he worked in an ordnance factory in Ichhapore.

Books by Samaresh Basu

He was an active member of the trade union and the Communist party for a period, and was jailed during —50 when the party was declared illegal.

While in jail, he wrote his first novel, Uttaranga, that was published in book form.

Soon after his release from jail, he began to write professionally, refusing to join the factory even when offered his old job. When he was only 21, he wrote his first novel, Nayanpurer Mati.


Though it was later serialized in Parichay, it was never published as a book. Adaab was his first short story published in Parichay in A prolific writer with more than short stories and novels, including those written under the aliases "Kalkut" and "Bhramar", Samaresh Basu is a major figure in Bengali fiction.He gets severely injured in a bomb explosion and is admitted in a hospital.

At last, he comes back home at night and takes a bath and sleeps without having food. However the presence of Shikha in Sukhen's life offered some respite to his careless and perplexed life. In this novel he found Sukhen no more than ruffian. In the end, we notice that Sukhen had lost one arm as had the butterfly at the beginning of the novel. Ekush Bachor Boyose by Sunil Gangopadhyay free dow Download Narayan Gangopadhyay Rachanaboli First 5 parts free.

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