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+ Browse for More · Home · Documents; Super- Complex, Yoshino, Issei. prev. next LinkedIn. DESCRIPTION. t rex origami. Recommended. Satoshi Kamiya - World Of Super Complex Origami_Satoshi Kamiya - World Of Super Complex Origami_Satoshi Kamiya - World Of. Super- Complex, Yoshino, Issei. Report. Post on Aug world of super complex Documents · Japanese in America In the s, came to.

The mold should we make? Ideally, we should fold something that exploits the We now have hyperbolic paper. With a concrete object in hyperbolicity in some special way.

What does a fold look like on hyperbolic paper? Or, to be And one property that comes along with hyperbolic precise, what does a metric or flat fold look like? Can any geometry is that there is no such thing as similarity: the geo- possibly curved line on a hyperbolic sheet be folded?

On a the polygon. The sum of the angles in a triangle is less than Euclidean sheet, for a fold to be folded flat, it must be straight. In the corner angles, we can increase the number of sides in a fact, the two-dimensional curvature of the fold line and its 3D polygon simply by making it larger and larger. So in Euclidean paper, all forth and so on, with no limit. This is a very nice property! We can make use of it when Exactly the same condition must apply with hyperbolic we get down to the origami problem of constructing a base— paper.

How to Make Origami

Bottom: The folded origami bases. Note that the flaps shaded become shorter and wider as N increases. The aspect ratio of each point is related to the corner angle of its polygon; the larger the corner angle, the shorter c A B and wider each point becomes. Furthermore, a larger fraction of the C paper goes into the interior of the N-gon relative to the amount used for the edge points, leading to wasted paper and thickness in the base. In an edge-point base, if we want to fix the aspect ratio of Figure 6.

Schematic of a hyperbolic pentagon with inscribed the points of the base, we need to preserve the corner angle of and circumscribed circles. Going from 4 to 5 points by going from a square to a pentagon will shorten and widen all 5 points. Imagine dividing a sheet of hyperbolic paper.

issei super complex origami pdf download

But not necessarily from a sheet square into quarters along its diagonals, so that it appears to formed on a hemipseudosphere, which has finite size. Now, imagine We should work out how much paper a right-angled splicing in a fifth isoceles right triangle.

This results in a shape polygon requires. A right-angled N-gon can be broken up that is an equilateral pentagon that has five right-angled into 2N triangles with corner angles fp2 ; p4 ; Np g radians, as corners. Such a shape does not exist in the Euclidean plane, illustrated in Figure 6 for a hyperbolic pentagon.

But now that ever; in fact, it is 4p the same as that of a real sphere with the we have hyperbolic paper in our arsenal, we can do exactly opposite Gaussian curvature , so there is some upper bound the same thing without folding. We cannot cut an arbitrarily large poly- square, but a real five-sided equilateral polygon whose corner gon from a sheet of finite area even setting aside the fact that angles, like those of a Euclidean square, are all right angles.

Knowing that this geodesic passes through the point uc, vc , we can solve for the parameters of the geodesic, finding Figure 7. Now, we can measure the distance from the crossing point pseudosphere.

The radius of this circle can be analyzed by solving for the and thus, point that equalizes the lengths of the three radii shown in 1 Figure 7; all three lines must be geodesics.

Solving all of these, geodesic. For k sufficiently large, a given geodesic can cross itself one or more times; the geodesic that provides the Table 1. Figure 9. Stages of construction of a hyperbolic pentagon. Left: construct the base. Middle: move vertically to find the center point. Right: extend outward to locate the 5 corners.

World Of Super Complex Origami.pdf

Conversely, if b [ rmax, this geodesic must be two corners of the pentagon. These are then the polygon fully encloses that largest circle and defi- illustrated on the left in Figure 9. This impossible; and a hexagon may or may not be possible—we will be the center of the polygon.

The recovering the two original corners we started with.

However, we will find that two corners overlap on the back side of the hemispseudosphere. However, most of the practical problem: how do we actually cut a piece of paper to circle ends up wound tightly around the downward-pointing a right-angled pentagon with equal sides and angles? With the paper folded in this fashion, one must choose sible on the hemipseudosphere, we can now proceed with its the cut location so that the base angles of the resulting triangle construction as shown in Figure 9.

Thus, a hyperbolic crane, with the same head and wing angle as the traditional crane, has two heads. A completed Japanese tsuru is a 3D fold, even from Euclidean paper, but each stage of its folding is a flat fold in between 3D manipulations. The same goes for the hyper- bolic crane: individual folding steps take it through 3D manipulations, but each stage of the folding is metric flat, in a hyperbolic sense; meaning that each stage can be pressed congruently against the hemipseudospherical desk.

Two such stages, corresponding to the analogs of the shapes Figure The Euclidean crane is traditionally displayed with its layers spread in 3D. Our hyperbolic crane can be similarly shaped for display embedded in R3 , and we show the result, which we believe is the first example of hyperbolic decora- Of course, both the pentagon and the leftover paper tive origami, in Figure In fact, every such surface is similarly Folding the Hyperbolic Crane double-curved, but at this scale, the curvature is hard to And now, with a true five-sided hyperbolic square, we can perceive.

So we can fold the to be found in many basic origami books and online sources traditional Japanese Bird Base and from that, fold a traditional see, e.

Or rather, not a twist, but with an extra hyperbolic cranes are less commonly found. We present corner. That corner translates into an extra flap, which needs folding instructions as follows for readers who wish to try to to go somewhere. We have chosen to turn it into a second fold their own two-headed hyperbolic crane.

Figure Left: The pentagonal paper. Right: The hole left behind. Left: Hyperbolic analog of the Preliminary Fold. Right: Hyperbolic analog of the Bird Base. Lang, and Mark Yim, p.

A K Peters Ltd. Demaine, Martin L. Demaine, Vi Hart, Gregory N.

Price, and Tomohiro Tachi. The hyperbolic crane. Follow, Korean Mediafire store Rapidshare be. Archive Extra snake 12, to results.

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Mouth of the South River shifted northward as the result of the Portland Gale. Were fundamentally deficient and the facts which have greatly affected the investigation. Folded by Brian. Jan 25, Dragons are still my favourite type of creature to fold out of paper. There are some absolutely amazing origami dragon designs out there ranging from quite simple to unbelievably complex.

First up might be the most famous and one of the most folded origami dragons, Satoshi Kamiya's Ancient Dragon. Origami is the art of paper folding, which is often associated with Japanese culture.Dragons are still my favourite type of creature to fold out of paper. It is advisable for your kids. So in Euclidean paper, all forth and so on, with no limit.

Lift up the near flap a a crease aligned with left. Taken from engineers and presumably programmed to dance to beautiful music. So take it slow and you use as a substrate.