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El Diego: The Autobiography of the World's Greatest Footballer

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It makes the readers feel enjoy and still positive thinking. With style and authority, but no clearly defined role in terms of business or of culture. The traditions and values of Tancredi's father for the former have maybe skipped a generation to the untried Edo.

For the latter, to his sister and artist-photographer, Betta.

Secondary characters quickly provide clues to the theme. Edo's friend Antonio is an innovative, high class chef. Cuisine elicits a life-fulfilling passion in him for perfection and meaning. And Betta has a life of her own of which the parents suspect little. A superficial reading of I Am Love could leave the viewer with the impression of tragedy in which love has terrible consequences.

It is essential to analyse what one actually sees rather than a Hollywood ending that would have emphasised different points entirely.

One can then imagine conversations over glasses of chablis, berating the section where the film goes 'oh so Lady Chatterley,' oblivious to how the film attacks that very same self-satisfied air of culture without visceral involvement.

El Diego: The Autobiography of the World's Greatest Footballer

Even an interest in Swinton's breasts disguised by trappings of intellectual analysis. More lowbrow cinema-goers could feel even more frustrated at the 'missed opportunities' for histrionics, the emotional 'involvement' that comes from more manipulative screen writing.

I Am Love is social melodrama in the best traditions of Italian cinema. It lines up, surprisingly, more with works like L'avventura and that film's quest for self, than the compassionate criticism of an elite class in Il Gattopardo The Leopard. In I Am Love, good taste and refinement is simply the medium for those with an ability and wherewithal to appreciate it — epitomised by Tancredi's father, his son, but perhaps not Tancredi himself.

It carries no moral connotation. Empty shells on the other hand, form without substance, ultimately and unknowingly seeks its own destruction. Tilda Swinton's career has forged a extraordinary path.

In mainstream cinema, she has been hailed for work like Michael Clayton which, while impressive, hardly shows her skill in portraying worthwhile values compared, say, to her portrait in Stephanie Daley. Or her powerhouse as an actress, in challenging cinephile gems such as The Man From London.


I Am Love has potential to reach a wider, discerning audience, than her Bela Tarr movie, being shown not only in art house but as least one multiplex chain. It has an arresting, and rather beautiful romance at its heart, and one that becomes a striking metaphor for finding one's true course in life.

It is ascetically 'thinking person's cinema' yet lovers of fine things can luxuriate in the sumptuous sets and costumes that inhabit art history and couture Silvia Fendi, third generation of the famous luxury brand, was also an associate producer on the movie.

Music is by Pulitzer Prize winning composer John Adams, and the perfectly choreographed closing scenes have almost operatic intensity. One of the pleasures of writing a review is the opportunity to think a more deeply about the film - when one has to put words to paper. Only when forced to analyse the story, to separate the expected from what really happened, did I truly appreciate it.

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Swinton's Emma is no modern-day Madame Bovary.You may be this delay to usually to five features. El Diego takes you through the life of Diego Maradonna through the words of Maradona.

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