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promotion, and marketing communications pdf file | trends and innovations baack, 5th edition, prentice hall, promotion method over a month. EDITION Document about Integrated Advertising, Promotion And Marketing And Marketing Communications 5th Edition pdf, Integrated. integrated advertising promotion and marketing communications 5th edition Promotion and Marketing - MKT_Chpdf - Download as PDF File .pdf).

Many firms are now advertising company private brands. There is increase in the quality of in-store displays for and packaging of private labels.

Responses from Manufacturers Some manufacturers have begun to respond to the inroads made by private labels. Packaging A unique package and label can help sell a product, build brand recognition, and inspire repeat downloads.

The primary purposes of packages are displayed in Figure 2. An example advantages created by packaging is the new forms of refrigerator-friendly 12 packs, as created by Alcoa Rigid Packaging.

Sometimes packaging changes are necessitated by adverse market conditions. Labels Labels must: Meet legal requirements Point out distinguishing features of the product Help lead to the download The label represents another marketing opportunity.

Labels with QR Codes The placement of QR codes for consumers to access with mobile devices represents a new trend in packaging and labeling. Two common uses are to access product information and videos or instructions on how to use the product. Ethical Issues in Brand Management Brand infringement occurs when a company creates a brand name the closely resembles a popular or successful brand Korrs, Victor's Secret.

Domain squatting or cyber squatting means downloading a domain name with the purpose of making a profit by re-selling it to the firm.

Learning Objective 9: How are brands managed in international markets? International Implications Carefully consider standardization versus adaptation when developing global brands. Make sure packages and labels are legal and protect the product being shipped over long distances. Be aware of the complications that occur when trying to position products in global markets.

The label must meet the legal requirements of the country in which the product is sold. MyMarketingLab Go to mymktlab. Broadcasts material such as video ads, TV ads, and radio ads are embedded using YouTube and Pearson servers. These features bring to life the exciting process of building integrated advertising and marketing campaigns.

Most important, you will have access to insights and background information from the agencies and the companies involved in how the campaigns were created. They provide a method for you to summarize the chapter in a different way Note the tricky relationship between a strong corporate image and bottom line profits.

In other words, be aware that it is difficult to use numbers to express the value of an effective image in an era where accountability is such a major concern. Use the attributes of price, competition, use, quality, users, product class, or cultural symbols to identify the position that the company and its products hold. Then, make decisions about the following issues: Is this position where we thought we were?

Is this the position we want? If we intend to change our position, where do we aspire to be? Which tactics will move the company and its products to the correct, appropriate, or desired position?

What are the tangible aspects of a brand image? What are the intangible aspects? Corporate image is how consumers view a company, which has many intangible and tangible aspects. How does it help the specific company? Providing assurance for downloads when there is little previous experience. Reducing search time in download decisions.

Providing psychological reinforcement and social acceptance of download decisions. A corporation's image helps the company by: Making brand extensions easier. Being able to charge a higher price. Creating higher customer loyalty. Leading to more frequent downloads.

Promoting positive word-of-mouth communications.

Attracting quality employees. Causing the firm to be viewed more favorably by financial analysts. A firm will know the marketing team has created the right image for the firm when benefits appear, such as attracting more customers, favorable ratings by financial observers and analysts, and the company attracts quality employees.

First, former customers need to rediscover the brand.

Second, older and newer consumers need to be connected to the brand through a timeless value it offers. Third the brand should be contemporized. Fourth, marketers can build a brand community through social media, mobile, and other interactive marketing techniques. What are the characteristics of an effective corporate logo? A corporate logo is something usually a symbol that is easily recognizable to consumers. Brand extensions appear when the company uses an established brand name on goods or services that are not related to the core brand.

Flanker brand strategies are the development of a new brand by a company in a good or service category it currently has a brand offering for. The three types of co-brands are: 1. Ingredient branding, or placement of one brand within another brand.

Cooperative branding, which is a joint venture of two or more brands into a new product or service. Complementary branding, which is the marketing of two brands together to encourage co-consumption or co-downloads. The characteristics of a strong and effective brand name are that it is easily recognizable to consumers and that consumers have a positive reaction to the brand name.

It can be established over time through personal experiences. Trust results from a brand performing consistently and fulfilling its promise, its authenticity, and its uniqueness. Brand equity is the set of characteristics unique to a brand that provide value to the brand.

In essence, the brand is different and better. Brand parity is the perception that there are no differences between major brands.

With the stock market approach, the financial value of the company is determined through stock valuation. The consumer value method attempts to measure the value of a brand based on input from consumers. Private branding, or private labeling, has changed in the past decade in the following ways: the quality levels of products have increased; the products are perceived as having high value; loyalty to stores has increased, allowing store managers to increase in-store or private lines; they can be used to differentiate retail outlets; private label companies have begun to advertise these differences; and store managers now devote more effort to creating quality in-store displays of- and packages for private brands.

The package is the last chance to make an impression on a customer. It should protect the contents, stand out, and tell the consumer what is inside. Labels must meet legal requirements and be distinguishable to consumers. Labels can refer to features of advertisements and other IMC efforts. They should match the theme of the IMC campaign. There are concerns with brand infringement and with domain or cyber squatting. Marketing managers must choose the strategy that fits the company and its products.

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There has been some resistance to more global or standardized brand names. Surveys of consumers indicate that Dalton has an image of being outdated and pricey. Outline a plan to rejuvenate the company's image. Student discussions should cover several issues. The company should probably try to build on the idea that they are a high-quality, high-service firm in order to regain market share.

The plan should be a total IMC approach, and not just advertisements that promote Dalton as high quality with excellent customer service.

[PDF] Integrated Advertising Promotion and Marketing Communications (5th Edition) [Read] Online

They want to project an image of being trendy, upscale, and fashionable. They are trying to decide on a name and logo. What should be the name of the company? What kind of logo should be developed? Refer to the Mylab for answers to this and all starred Mylab questions. What brands or corporations do you consider to have positive images?

Which brands or corporations should attempt to change images? Explain how to accomplish this task. Name brands that require rejuvenation. How can it be accomplished for each brand?

Student responses will vary by brands chosen. This should be a good question for in-class discussion. Describe your level of loyalty and discuss why you are loyal.

How important is brand equity in your loyalty? What private labels do you download regularly? Refer to the Mylab for answers to this and all starred Mylab Go to a local retail store. Choose five packages that are effective.

Describe the reasons they are effective. Choose five labels that were effective at capturing attention. What features were the attention-getting aspects of the label? Student responses will vary by product chosen. Look for differences by gender and by culture or national origin. Also note if convenience, attractiveness, size, or some other feature was the deciding factor. Look at packaging and locate five packages with QR codes.

Access the code through a smartphone. Which of the purposes discussed in the chapter does the QR code serve? Evaluate the QR code and the information or site that was accessed. Student answers will depend on the products chosen. Access the Web sites of the following companies to get a feel for the image each company tries to project.

Bluenotes www. This can be a good in-class discussion question, especially if the sites can be posted for students to see. A leading consulting firm that has been a leader in extending marketing knowledge and in the area of brand development is the Boston Consulting Group. Other companies who have been actively involved in brand development are Lexicon Branding and Corporate Branding.

Access each of their Web sites. What type of services does each provide? Boston Consulting Group www. Lexicon lists technology, automotive, and "pharma.

Brand extension and flanker branding are common strategies for large corporations. Access the following Web sites. Identify the various brand extension strategies and flanker brands used by each company. Marriott Hotels www. In , the company announced the acquisition of Gillette. Grey Poupon, and Taco Bell, among others that also carry the name "Kraft.

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Bookmark it to easily review again before an exam. Cooperative branding—a joint venture of two or more brands into a new product or service. English Rating: Discuss the image that is conveyed by their Web site.